This is a blog of my time in Dallas, Texas as I pursue my degree at Dallas Theological Seminary. This site is designed to show my friends and family all that is occuring in my life.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Israel Or Bust

By God's grace He invited me back to land which He has chosen: Israel. However, this time I am helping lead the group (I don't know what they are thinking). To begin, I pray for peace in Jerusalem. I understand the true peace will not come until My Savior Jesus sits on His throne, but I pray for a moment of peace so we can enjoy a safe trip and a fun adventure.
I am eternally grateful to be a part of this trip so I hope this adventure is multifaceted for myself and FOI. First, I pray that many long lasting friendships will come from this excursion. Trips to Israel always produce a strong bond between those who experience the Holy Land together. When we enter the land, we enter as strangers, but when we leave, we leave as brothers and sisters. (Sound Familiar) Second, I pray the participants of this trip might aquire an appreciation for Israel and show support for the Israeli's in this present time. I feel as though one of my callings from God while here on earth is to lead believers to appreciate their roots in our faith: The Land, The Seed, and The Blessing. Third and most important. I pray that friendships be built for the sake of the gospel of Jesus the Messiah. As we sojourn through the ancient land may friendships be built, and the gospel made clear to those who hear.

Am Yisrael Chai,

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Rockin with Raleigh

Friends, Raleigh Morris (aka The Knee) never ceases to amaze me. Today Raleigh packed up his guitar and headed for NYC to compete in the Nashville Star television show. Keep in mind you don't just arrive and appear on the show; there are several stages before you make it to that point. Needless to say, Raleigh performs and out of 150 people only 3 made the cut... and i am proud to say that Raleigh is moving on to the next round. He performs tomorrow. Knockem dead Knee!!!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Man reminiscing about life with a friend is great. That's right Matt lives in Dallas now!!!
Reminiscing about the old days reminds me of all the good times I had at Philadelphia Biblical University. We talked for hours about friends and laughed about the memories of semi-independence; it was so simple then. There is nothing like a cold beer on a hot night and a smooth cigar to stir up good conversation!!! SHHHH.
The topic of the night was the progression of one's life, and how God leads you through it. Although life throws you MANY curve balls it is something that should be expected because that is life!!! Therefore, my final conclusion is reliance on God and trust in Him alone. That sounds easy...right!!! Well, the problem I have is that trusting in Him is not a timeless condition. Instead, it starts over again with every new circumstance; usually a bad one. Imagine a life of complete trust in Jesus, not based on a particular problem, but in all areas whether good or bad. Something new for me to think about on this journey.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

One Year

Wow!!! This is my life in Dallas. I have been down here one year and there is so much to talk about. So lets get started.
First, I am down here studying at Dallas Theological Seminary and I hope to get through unscathed. I feel as though that might be an impossible task to accomplish, but by the grace of God I press on.
Second, I am blessed beyond belief to have such great friends down here. Doug and Austin, my brothers in Christ, my roommates, and my partners in crime. They will play a major role in my blog. So hopefully you will get to know them as i write.

So the purpose of this blog is to expose my daily life...which may be kind of boring and redundant so i figure i will spice it up with some of the life lessons i have been learning and thoughts i have reflecting on.
Therefore, pray for this one thing; that i might i have the discipline to keep up with my blog.

As a Christian i had a cookie cutter mindset. I only thought one way because it was the only way. And now as i live my life apart from what i know my cookie cutter is being reshaped to what God wants me to be. Everyone's cookie turns out a little different, in shape and in taste, but it is God who is doing the molding and the shaping.